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Conquering Summer: Self Care Edition

Summer can be a great time to work on redefining your goals and making positive changes in your day to day life. Getting outside and being able to enjoy the outdoors can sometimes be the escape we need. Even during this time of uncertainty finding time and locations where you can enjoy and connect with nature is critical.

*Motivational Moments*

We Never Lose Our Self Worth, regardless of the struggles we have gone through.

**Self-Care Technique Spotlight: Gardening**

Find your inner Gardener! –Another excellent self-care idea is to start a backyard garden. Digging with your bare hands or feet into the soil is actually good for your mental health, as soil contains a special bacteria that works like a natural antidepressant. Caring for a garden is sure to get you outdoors all summer long and at the end of the season, you’ll have a healthy batch of crops or blooms to show for it!

:Writing Prompt:

Brain Dump: A place to write down every single idea on a subject – or everything inside your head period. Once you have cleared out your head, you can go back and make use of those ideas. This is particularly helpful when you are starting a big project and feel confused or overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. In that case, write down everything you will need to do and know in as granular a manner as possible.

Books and Films: Do you ever feel as though you cannot remember a good book to read or movie to watch when you need it? Now you will always have a place to write them down as they occur to you.

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