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Workshops & In-Service

Let us create a workshops or in-service for you! Here are some of our current work but we can customize and create any content based on your need.

  • RISE UP- Interactive workshop which covers developing your Coping Skill Toolbox while explaining the Why, What and How to implement them into our daily lives.  This workshop hopes to inspire our youth to unlock their potential & recognize their inner strengths/resilience.

  • G.R.O.W.T.H- Our focus will be on identifying stressors, addressing burnout & providing insight about processing our emotions effectively.

  • Kickstart Your Fall – Workshop filled with local Resources & Supports to assist the community as they transition into the academic year or back into workforce. Specific emphasis on the pandemic and coping with the uncertainty while embracing what we can control.

  • Psych-It Out - Fun skills-based workshop geared toward coping with Anxiety & Depression the signs, symptoms, and resources available in the community.  

  • Psych-It Out 2.0 – Geared toward helping identify common symptom clusters/signs of Mental Health Diagnosis. How to utilize local resources/supports and encourage growth through developing positive coping skills. (Parents/Professionals)

  • Crisis Management for Professionals – Comprehensive breakdown of the ins/outs of working with individuals in Crisis. *De-escalation techniques, Crisis supports & levels of care & procedures will be discussed.

  • Unraveling the Section 12 - This workshop will provide the What, When, Why & How of implementing a Section 12. This will be an interactive workshop of different Crisis scenarios, with an emphasis on appropriate documentation & procedures.

  • Cognitive First Aid – Understanding & Processing Work-Related Trauma/Stressors. Specialty workshop designed to address trauma, burnout & stress concerns for Veterans, Military, First responders and Essential workers.

  • Positive Affirmation Today - Building Self-Esteem through Inner Growth & Awareness. Transforming our “negative self-talk” into positive momentum.

  • These are some in-service/ workshop topics please inquire if you are looking for a specific topic. 

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