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Meet The Team


Dallas Pilecki M.Ed LMHC

Dallas received a Master of Education in Psychology with a focus on Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College. Dallas has pre-med and psychology undergraduate degrees as well. Dallas was raised in Westfield, and he has always wanted to give back to the area that has given him so much. When he was diagnosed with leukemia at a young age, he developed a desire for helping others since he noticed the effects that his diagnosis and treatment had on his family and friends and wanted to learn how to support them. He fell in love with psychology as soon as he came to Springfield College and never looked back. Dallas has a strong enthusiasm for constantly going above and beyond for other people.  

Dallas wants to be able to assist you in developing your mental health toolkit so that you can succeed, develop, and change. Dallas thinks that changing your mentality is the first step in developing and making improvements. We will all experience setbacks and failures in life.  However, if we "Fall forward" and learn from it, we will constantly be moving forward.


Ariana Avezzie M.Ed LMHC

With a focus on marriage and family therapy, Ariana received her Master of Education in psychology from Springfield College. Ariana was raised and born in Massachusetts, but she moved for four years to pursue her undergraduate studies in Pennsylvania. She realized her interest in assisting families and individuals while living in Pennsylvania and opted to attend graduate school at Springfield College to study marriage and family counseling in order to help others. She continued working with at-risk adolescents there after graduating.

Ariana worked in outpatient therapy for many years after graduating, specializing in working with children, adults, families, and couples. She later served as the contact for BHN Crisis in the local area and at Baystate Noble Hospital. Ariana is an enthusiastic clinician who never stops learning.

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